2005 County Fair
Blue Ribbon Winner

Butterscotch Yummies
Butterscotch, peanut butter,
cornflakes and chocolate.
Purely delectable.
$12..99 a pound

Chocolate Fudgies
fudge dipped in chocolate
             yum  $12.99 lb.


Hillbilly Crunch
Rich dark chocolate and corn flakes make an unbelievable treat.
$12.99 lb.

Peanut Clusters
Yummy milk chocolate
 peanut clusters.
$12.99 a lb.

Dipped Oreos
minimum 20
$.75 each

Dipped Pretzel Rods
$1.39 ea
Individually wrapped
Minimum 20

Cream Cheese Mints

Choice of colors
Select from spearmint, peppermint, or wintergreen.

Available in
Bells, $.25 ea.
Stars, $.25 ea
Daisy's $.35 ea
Lilies,$.35 ea.

NEW  Chocolate
Dipped Jalapenos
$2.95 each

Mystic Pizza
Enjoy a slice of a romantic pizza of solid chocolate.
4.25 lbs.  $45.95
3 lbs. $29.95
2 lbs. $21.95
1 lb. $16.95
Chocolate Pizza
A treat made of luscious milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and nuts.
The perfect blend of chocolate and heaven.
4.25 lbs.  $45.95
3 lbs. $29.95
2 lbs. $21.95
1 lb. $16.95

OOH Haystacks
Mounds of toasted coconut specially mixed with creamy milk chocolate.
$12.99 LB

Almond Bark
white chocolate
almond bark

milk chocolate
almond bark

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Custom Assorted chocolate boxes and trays of Sweet Expression Chocolates are available.