Halloween Bouquet
Remember to order your cupcakes, monster fingers and
hand made chocolates for your Halloween fun.

Pumpkin Magic
Candy blossoms lie tucked among the brilliant leaves and mum blossoms atop a straw pumpkin.
A spooky vase filled with candy's for the little goblin.  A perfect centerpiece for your festivities.

Halloween Howlers
   Halloween Mugs lend themselves to festive arrangements.  Peerless candies appear to surprise the closest lookers.

Witches Broom
Chocolate topped sugar cookie with a pretzel handle.
Happy Jack Sucker
Large 3 oz.  two flavored sucker.  
Fall Splendor
A four inch wide multi colored leaf. Available with or without stick.  Perfect for any fall gathering.
 2.5 oz.    $2.99


A yummy sucker of chocolate and orange colored chocolate.
    Ghostly Suckers
3 1/2 inches tall
Holloween Tea Cookies
Yummy butter rum flavored cookies with batty sprinkles.
Skull Pops

Witches Hat
Yummy chocolate over a shortbread cookie

Pumpkin Box
filled with Halloween miniatures.